Unknown Futures Cover.jpg

Unknown Futures

by Sunsets and Hearts

About this album:

I retreated to East Austin in 2013 and recorded this album amid the chaos of the h02d. On my mind the entire time recording this album was the blatant injustice in our society and how the whole planet is seriously trying to obliterate itself from existence. The sounds you hear on this record are full of sound recordings of East Austin and from my gentrified neighborhood. This music. This album. Is pure expression of what it feels and sounds like for a first generation Mexican American to live in this city (always hated on both sides of the fence & always having to look over your shoulder to see whether a cop is going to f*ck with you for being at the wrong place at the wrong time)

It was Mixed & Mastered in Sunset Valley, TX in December 2015.

Special Thanks to all my Familia and extra Special Thanks to my Cousins and my Aunt as I wouldn't be the man I am today without y'all.



Art Photography by: STS-88 Assembled by: Car Gonzalez
All Music and Lyrics by: Car Gonzalez
"Unknown Futures," Mixed & Mastered by: Car Gonzalez
A(n) Self/Independent Release
©2016 Sunsets and Hearts

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  • 2:16
    Absent Descent
    sunsets and hearts
  • 3:25
    Inertia LSP (Debt Slavery)
    sunsets and hearts
  • 2:40
    Transport (LVL 3)
    sunsets and hearts
  • 3:30
    1993 Nearly Killed Me
    sunsets and hearts
  • 3:39
    Solace (visiXvi)
    sunsets and hearts
  • 3:34
    North in the Isle of Youth
    sunsets and hearts
  • 3:03
    Since you care...
    sunsets and hearts
  • 0:00
    Soul of a New Machine (BONUS TRACK)
    sunsets and hearts