Despair & Desperation EP

by Sunsets and Hearts

About this Album:

"The songs off this EP address a very personal and heartfelt experience I went through in 2009. When losing someone close to you is always harder than you anticipate and when everyone around you always seems to let you down at the most inopportune times. Therefore the music and lyrics address this past year's…lows and really lows. 

All of Despair & Desperation songs were recorded and mixed in Corpus Christi, Tx right by the beautiful white sand and warm waters of the Gulf Cost in a small townhouse in November and December in 2009. All of the tracks were recorded in sequential order to gain a sort of progression downwards in the music. Therefore the songs on the E.P. must be heard as an album in its (whole) and not individually on there own to get the full happening. 

I hope this music evokes in the listener a pulse by pulse x beat by beat of music with a soulful yearning of voice that is = to an experience of loss, regret and despair that we can all identify with. (Car Gonzalez)"



released 31 December 2009 
Art Photography by: Tony Rios 
All Music and Lyrics by: Car Gonzalez 
Despair & Desperation EP, Mixed & Mastered by: Car Gonzalez 
A(n) Self/Independent Release 
©2011 Sunsets and Hearts 
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  • 2:28
    Sunsets in Savannah
    Sunsets and Hearts
  • 4:31
    Designer Drugs
    Sunsets and Hearts
  • 3:05
    Show a Kindness (for her)
    Sunsets and Hearts
  • 7:05
    Vera Moon
    Sunsets and Hearts
  • 3:52
    Veria Aria
    Sunsets and Hearts