Apple Music moving forward

 The last 10 years or so have felt depressing because avenues are shutting down. Little shrines to music lovers -- record shops -- are disappearing... And every time there’s a new innovation, the musician is the one that didn’t have a voice at the table about how it’s presented. I thought, if I could make a place where there could be more opportunities, and it comes with more fertile ground, and music is treated with a bit more with respect, that interests me. -Trent Reznor

One of my favorite things about Apple Music and the reason I am a believer in it, is because of Trent...this fucking guy just gets it. 

Grammy Shammy

The Recording Academy announced a series of amendments to the Grammy Awards this morning, a set of changes highlighted by the announcement that streaming-only releases are now eligible for consideration. (Under the old rules, albums and singles needed to receive a physical or digital release to attain eligibility.) The change is taking effect immediately, meaning streaming-only releases between October 1st, 2015 and September 30th, 2016 will be considered for the 59th Grammy Awards on February 12th, 2017.

About time. Guess they got afraid of being left in the past like the MTV Music/Movie Awards

The Future of Podcasting

I think there is a third way here, that preserves independence but starts to solve the monetization and measurement problem: publishers should offer podcasts through their own app that measures listens, and either sell ads themselves if they have the scale or outsource it to a company like Midroll. Midroll, for their part, should leverage their new player technology to offer skinnable apps for publishers who can’t build their own. The end result would be a much smoother path for publishers to convert their readers to listeners — and to effectively cross-promote — along with the measurement and scale needed to grow advertising meaningfully (or even offer subscriptions).

Excellent insightful yet complex read from Ben at Stratechery He goes in depth as to how Podcasting will become like Blogs of the 2010's if we do not step in now to shift its future.

Often, though, a solution that works for power users is actually prohibitive for normal users, and the other solution — a Facebook of podcasts — would be worse for everyone. Just look at what happened to RSS readers: yes, Google killed them, but it was only ever used by a fraction of readers before then because they were too difficult; Facebook, on the other hand, was easy. Fortunately for publishers, the challenges of podcast discovery and distribution actually make apps the easiest choice of all.

New Album in the Works

Currently in the process of starting on the next album for Sunsets and Hearts its very possible this could be a full album but I'm hoping I can cut it down to an EP.

Currently have a few songs recorded and a title but very still in the early stages of editing and creating these songs.

Sunsets and Hearts

Letters to the Ether or Heartbroken Songs from a Failed Musician

  • 1. Era of Consequences
  • 2. MOON
  • 3. False Narrative
  • 4. City by the City
  • 5. 03/31/1983
  • 6. Qualia
  • 7. Waxing Poetic
  • 8. Requiem of a Lost Child
  • 9. Blue is the Most Sterile Glove

The All New Pebble Core

It’s a Pebble, of course you can hack it! In its essence, Core is a tiny, hackable Android™ computer that fits on your keychain to become your magic button for anything. 

Call an Uber* with a click. Track your pet from across the world. Stream data from your car’s ODB port. Pilot a drone from the web. Or, … you get the picture. 

Get early access to the Core SDK. All starting at $69

The Pebble Core looks very interesting...the other two pebbles look more of the same.

Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" an Introspection

Kubrick & The Illuminati is name of this documentary which brings to light a lot of coincidences that are too overwhelming to set aside to say the least. I am an avid listener to Coast to Coast AM and keep an open mind about everything, that is how I came to find this documentary.

I had know idea Kubrick was having personal problems while making this film which I feel now after re-watching makes a lot more sense. This film deals with the struggle Kubrick had with his daughter Vivian Kubrick, who I had no idea existed until watching this documentary.

Kubrick has inspired so many artists, people and he has legions of fans, his films are taught and dissected in schools and universities. It goes without saying Kubrick will have a lasting impact on generations to come. He truly was a Auteur. If you have never heard of him I recommend checking his films out.

While “Kubrick & The Illuminati” begins with a shot of Michel Ciment, the editor of the journal Positif, it’s Laurent Vachaud’s voice that is heard in most of the film. But Vachaud told ARTINFO that he had nothing to do with the choice of film clips or editing the documentary, and that its directors alone were responsible for it. In fact, he described himself as “opposed to systematically illustrating the idea with the image,” which gives “the impression that everything is put on the same level,” causing the structured argument of his original article to vanish. Vachaud also spoke of the astonishing cinematographic power of “Eyes Wide Shut,” which he sees as “almost as cosmic a film as ‘2001, A Space Odyssey.’”